Mizus RaidTracker v0.25-2-Beta released

A little update for minor Cataclysm issues. Check the MRT page for the download link.

0.25-2 Beta – Changelog:


  • The EQdkp-Plus XML export now additionally exports boss names


  • Changed LibBabble-Boss-3.0 reference for Omnitron Defense System to Omnotron Defense System

Bug Fixes:

  • EQdkp-Plus XML export: Fixed a bug which may produced wrong timestamps for boss attendees, if the attendance fix for the RLI was disabled

Browser Search Plugins for the new WoW Armory

In the last few days, Blizzard replaced the old WoW Armory with a new one hosted on http://battle.net. Aside from the confusing design (which may be a complete subjective thing, because I’m not used to the new design yet), the most annoying part was that my Firefox search plugin stopped working. I wasn’t able to find a new one, so I searched around a found a nice description how to create my own search plugins. I was able to write my own one pretty easily.

So, if you are also searching for a working search plugin for the World of WarCraft Armory, well, here they are. Just click on the corresponding link for your desired Armory:

Activated Javascript is required for installing. Search data, images and icons are copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

These search plugins should work with Firefox 2.0 or later, Google Chrome,  Internet Explorer 7 or later and any other browser, which supports OpenSearch search plugins. If you are interested in the XML files of these search plugins, here they are:

If you are interested in making your own search plugins, you should take a look at the OpenSearch Specification and at the Firefox OpenSearch developer site.

Mizus RaidTracker v0.25-Beta released

Mizus RaidTracker Version 0.25-Beta is now available for download. Check the MRT page for the download link.

0.25 Beta – Changelog:


  • Added new export format: DKPBoard
  • Added backwards compatibility to older WoW clients (Version 3.x). MRT should now work on chinese clients
  • Added functions to resume the last raid. You can finde the resume button in the raidlog browser
  • The guild attendance check text is now customizable
  • The EQdkp-Plus XML export now additionally exports item notes
  • Added options for automatically ignoring enchanting materials and gems
  • Added BossID of Magmaw


  • Renamed option “Enable MRT” to “Enable automatic tracking” to clarify its use
  • Changed boss kill detection of the Conclave of Wind from BossID based to bossyell. Bossyells for english and german clients are available (Thanks to Rhial for the german yell).


  • Updated frFR translation (Thanks to Cindelle and Deepking)
  • Updated zhTW translation (Thanks to wushiny)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug, which may caused a reset of the “delete raids older than x days”-slider back to 90 days

Cataclysm is live! Status update of my addon projects.

I’ve been pretty busy in the last few days with work. And since Cataclysm is live, most of my free time goes into playing WoW at the moment, but I’m still working on MRT. I use it in my raids myself, after all.

Regarding WoW, my first day in Cataclysm was pretty successful:


Btw, this screenshot was taken by Memoria.

In the meantime, Lisichk0 translated Memoria into russian, so I’ve released Memoria v1.2 yesterday. You can get it from the Memoria page here or at Curse.com

Regarding MRT, I’m currently testing the current alpha. A new beta version should be finished this weekend. If you would like to try out the current alpha build, then take a look at the MRT filesection of CurseForge. You can find the most recent alpha build and the changelog since the last beta version there.