Mizus RaidTracker v0.72.3 and Memoria 7.2 released

Addon updates. I continue to be bad at updating this site. As always, please check curse.com for the most up to date download.

Memoria actually got a new feature this time around (Screenshots at the end of mythic+ instances).

Memoria v7.2 – Changelog:

  • Added detection code for finishing mythic plus instances
  • Added option to save a screenshot after finishing a mythic+ instance
  • TOC bump for WoW 7.2

MRT v0.72.3 – Changelog:

  • Disabled dynamically created localization files due to an issue with the CurseForge localization system resulting in invalid code

MRT v0.72.2 – Changelog:

  • Added “Fragment of the Guardian’s Seal” to ignore list

MRT v0.72.1 – Changelog:

  • Updated EPGP points calculation
  • Added map and boss IDs for Tomb of Sargeras

MRT v0.72.0 – Changelog:

  • TOC bump for WoW 7.2

MRT v0.71.4 – Changelog:

  • Added “Echo of Time” to ignore list

MRT v0.71.3 – Changelog:

  • Updated pkgmeta with new CurseForge repository links
  • Added boss kill detection for Nighthold

MRT v0.71.2 – Changelog:

  • Added code for boss kill detection based on ENCOUNTER_END event and fixed Trial of Valor kill detection

MRT v0.71.1 – Changelog:

  • Added instance and boss IDs for Trial of Valor

MRT v0.71.0 – Changelog:

  • TOC bump for WoW 7.1

MRT v0.70.10 – Changelog:

  • Added heroic and mythic variant of “Essence of Clarity” to ignore list

MRT v0.70.9 – Changelog:

  • Removed unused and outdated EPGP calculation code
  • Removed LibBabble-Inventory-3.0 dependencies
  • Reverted changes from v.0.70.8

MRT v0.70.8 – Changelog:

  • Fixed a bug in the EQDPK-Plus export that exported wrong loot times if the EQDKP-Plus attendance fix option was checked.

MRT v0.70.7 – Changelog:

  • Added Essence of Clarity to ignore list

MRT v0.70.6 – Changelog:

  • Fixed tracking of Artifact Relics
  • Fixed trading mats not being ignored if options are set

Mizus RaidTracker v0.70.5 and Memoria 7.0 released

MRT updates for Legion raids. It shouldn’t throw any UI errors anymore and kill detection for the Emerald Nightmare should/might work. As always, please check curse.com for the most up to date download.

Memoria got its usual version bump. No changes there.

MRT v0.70.5 – Changelog:

  • Added boss kill detection for the Emerald Nightmare raid (untested)
  • Added an option to disable tracking of Warlords of Draenor raids
  • Added an option to disable tracking of Pandaria raids
  • Updated EPGP calculation for Legion

MRT v0.70.4 – Changelog:

  • Added Demon Hunter support for MLDKP export

MRT v0.70.3 – Changelog:

  • Fixed a way to long existing bug regarding Blizzard UI taint. No more blocked UI interaction errors.

MRT v0.70.2 – Changelog:

  • Updated libraries

MRT v0.70.1 – Changelog:

  • Fixed missing icons in raid browser UI

MRT v0.70.0 – Changelog:

  • Initial Legion release

On a side note: I’ve spent around 23 hours in Deus Ex Mankind Devided and so far, it is a good Deus Ex game – despite Square Enixes tries to fill it up with micro transactions. So, if you liked Human Revolution, you’ll probably like and enjoy Mankind Devided.

Mizus RaidTracker v0.61.0 released

Updates for Draenor raids. Kill detection of Kargath Bladefist is probably not working, will check and fix ASAP.

MRT v0.61.0 – Changelog:

  • Reworked boss yell detection system, now fully integrated with the Curseforge localization system
  • Reworked raid difficulty handling completly
  • Reworked instance detection
  • Added support for new raid difficulties
  • Added support for WoD raid instances
  • Added WoD shards and legendary quest items to ignore list
  • Fixed boss difficulty naming issues in human reable export formats
  • Updated data export with wowhead-links for handling the new item ID system
  • Updated localization handling
  • Reworked legacy kill detection (Assembly of Iron, Four Horsemen)
  • Removed a lot of old patch transitioning code

MRT v0.60.2 – Changelog:

  • Fixed a LUA error that showed up in 5 player instances

MRT v0.60.1 – Changelog:

  • Added option to disable tracking of loot mode ‘personal’
  • Added option to disable tracking of Cataclysm raids
  • Updated EPGP gear point calculation


Status update

Just a short status update:

  • MRT got several little updates and bugfixes – most up to date version should be von curse.com
  • I had to move my server – and in the process, this site was broken for a few days, because i didn’t enable apache mod_rewrite *welp*
  • I am currently working on preparing MRT for WoW 6.0. I have access to the beta servers, so I hope to have something working when 6.0 hits live. I should probably just rewrite this whole spaghetti code mess, but I don’t think I’ll have the time for that.
  • I suck at DotA 2. Finally finished my MMR calibration matches and my MMR is bad. It is still fun, though.

Mizus RaidTracker v0.54.0 and Memoria v5.4-1 released

Another little update. Check the MRT page for the download link as usual.

MRT v0.54.0 – Changelog:

  • Added basic support for Siege of Orgrimmer (Note: Immerseus is not supported at this moment)
  • Added basic support for FlexRaids

MRT v0.53.0 – Changelog:

  • Added more ToT Wrathion Questline items (Secrets of the Empire, Titan Runestones, Heart of the Thunder King) to ignore list (thanks to Hinalover)
  • Added missing crystals to item ignore list
  • Fixed LUA errors while tracking world bosses

Please send in bug reports if MRT breaks or does things wrong after patchday.

Memoria got a version bump and new localization templates for patch 5.4.

Mizus RaidTracker v0.52.0 released

Really late, but finally got vacation and had the time to work on it. Check the MRT page for the download link as usual.

MRT v0.52.0 – Changelog:

  • Added various MoP related fixes (provided by Knoxa and Kravval)
  • Added boss kill enhancements (provided by Kravval)
  • Updated localization files (provided by Knoxa)
  • Added boss kill detection for Throne of Thunder (provided by Knoxy, Kravval and gOOvER)
  • Added ‘Sigil of Power’, ‘Sigil of Wisdom’ and ‘Chimera of Fear’ to item ignore list
  • Rewritten raid zone detection, now based on AreaID instead of LibBabble-Zone