Mizus RaidTracker v0.61.0 released

Updates for Draenor raids. Kill detection of Kargath Bladefist is probably not working, will check and fix ASAP.

MRT v0.61.0 – Changelog:

  • Reworked boss yell detection system, now fully integrated with the Curseforge localization system
  • Reworked raid difficulty handling completly
  • Reworked instance detection
  • Added support for new raid difficulties
  • Added support for WoD raid instances
  • Added WoD shards and legendary quest items to ignore list
  • Fixed boss difficulty naming issues in human reable export formats
  • Updated data export with wowhead-links for handling the new item ID system
  • Updated localization handling
  • Reworked legacy kill detection (Assembly of Iron, Four Horsemen)
  • Removed a lot of old patch transitioning code

MRT v0.60.2 – Changelog:

  • Fixed a LUA error that showed up in 5 player instances

MRT v0.60.1 – Changelog:

  • Added option to disable tracking of loot mode ‘personal’
  • Added option to disable tracking of Cataclysm raids
  • Updated EPGP gear point calculation


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