Mizus RaidTracker v0.54.0 and Memoria v5.4-1 released

Another little update. Check the MRT page for the download link as usual.

MRT v0.54.0 – Changelog:

  • Added basic support for Siege of Orgrimmer (Note: Immerseus is not supported at this moment)
  • Added basic support for FlexRaids

MRT v0.53.0 – Changelog:

  • Added more ToT Wrathion Questline items (Secrets of the Empire, Titan Runestones, Heart of the Thunder King) to ignore list (thanks to Hinalover)
  • Added missing crystals to item ignore list
  • Fixed LUA errors while tracking world bosses

Please send in bug reports if MRT breaks or does things wrong after patchday.

Memoria got a version bump and new localization templates for patch 5.4.