Preview: Mizus RaidTracker for WoW

After maintaining my own fork of the CT RaidTracker for a while, i’m currently creating my own raidtracker. My guild is running a variant of a zero-sum dkp-system where people on standby will get full dkp for being online. As i started with dkp tracking, i used NRT and CT RaidTracker. While NRT provides a nice solution to track raid attendance, it lacked proper DKP-tracking and proper boss detection (especially ‘event bosses’ like Gunship Battle, Dreamwalker, Faction Champions). CTRT provides a good loot tracking, but no raid attendance options. I hacked the last part in there, but maintaining it was a pain, so I started my own raidtracker project.

So, the first alpha of Mizus RaidTracker (no – name creativity was not present) was born. It took longer as expected to get things to work, but considering that this is my first WoW-Addon and i had less spare time than expected, it should be ok. A first beta version should be finished next month. The key features of the first version will be: Continue reading Preview: Mizus RaidTracker for WoW