Preview: Mizus RaidTracker for WoW

After maintaining my own fork of the CT RaidTracker for a while, i’m currently creating my own raidtracker. My guild is running a variant of a zero-sum dkp-system where people on standby will get full dkp for being online. As i started with dkp tracking, i used NRT and CT RaidTracker. While NRT provides a nice solution to track raid attendance, it lacked proper DKP-tracking and proper boss detection (especially ‘event bosses’ like Gunship Battle, Dreamwalker, Faction Champions). CTRT provides a good loot tracking, but no raid attendance options. I hacked the last part in there, but maintaining it was a pain, so I started my own raidtracker project.

So, the first alpha of Mizus RaidTracker (no – name creativity was not present) was born. It took longer as expected to get things to work, but considering that this is my first WoW-Addon and i had less spare time than expected, it should be ok. A first beta version should be finished next month. The key features of the first version will be:

  • full support for english and german clients
  • options integrated in Blizzards addon-optionspanel
  • automatic bosskill and loot recognition
  • save cost (DKP) value for each item
  • standard ignore for badges, gems, etc.
  • automatic difficulty detection (10 Normal / 10 Hard / 25 Normal / 25 Hard – for Trial of the Crusader and later instances)
  • options to disable raidtracking in 10 player raids and archavons vault
  • save raid attendance for each bosskill
  • simple GUI to provide easy access to review, modify and export the tracked data
  • ct-raidtracker compatible data export (supports the CTRT-Import-Plugin for EQDKP)
  • variable export options (export full raid / only normal or hardmode encounters / export data for single boss)

The tracking logic is already finished. I’m currently working on the GUI to provide various options to change the tracked data (for famous cases like: looter out of loot message range, owner of item changed after looting, etc.)

Below are three screenshots, which show the status of development.

The current GUI. The basic export function is already working. The dialog boxes to add, modify or delete data are work in progress. However, the tracking of raids, bosskills, loot and attendance is functional.

Basic option panel.

Tracking options. Should already be the final version for the first release. The attendance option panel is work in progress.

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