Memoria will take a screenshot when reaching various milestones with your characters and thus will provide a retrospection about the history and achievements of your characters.

Just install it, open the options panel, set the options to your preferences and play.

Memoria should work with any WoW client language and is fully translatable. The settings of Memoria are integrated into the WoW Options panel. Memoria can take a screenshot on the following events:

  • When getting a new achievement
  • When getting a level up
  • When reaching a new reputation level (either for each new level or for exalted only)
  • When a battleground ends (either always or only when BG was won)
  • When an arena match ends (either always or only when match was won)

If you want to translate this addon, feel free to use the CurseForge localization system.


Version: 8.1
32.3 KiB

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