Mizus RaidTracker v0.26-2-Beta released

Mizus RaidTracker Version 0.26-2-Beta is now available for download. It a little bugfix/workaround release. Check the MRT page for the download link.

0.26-2 Beta – Changelog:


  • Added zhCN translation (big thanks to luomoon)


  • A few people reported, that MRT did not create a new raid after entering or changing raid zones. Turned out, that the WoW-Client reports wrong zone information for a few seconds after a zone change. MRT will now wait 10 seconds before checking the raid zone. The recognition of a raid zone will be delayed by these 10 seconds, but MRT should then be able to start a new raid accordingly. (Ticket #33 – Big thanks to gOOvER)


  • Updated ruRU translation (thanks to YOti)