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Status update

Just a short status update:

  • MRT got several little updates and bugfixes – most up to date version should be von
  • I had to move my server – and in the process, this site was broken for a few days, because i didn’t enable apache mod_rewrite *welp*
  • I am currently working on preparing MRT for WoW 6.0. I have access to the beta servers, so I hope to have something working when 6.0 hits live. I should probably just rewrite this whole spaghetti code mess, but I don’t think I’ll have the time for that.
  • I suck at DotA 2. Finally finished my MMR calibration matches and my MMR is bad. It is still fun, though.

Deus Ex – Human Revolution

Long time no post. I’ve started a new job recently and things got a little bit busy. I have a few drafts ready, but nothing that is ready for posting yet. Anyway, this package just arrived:

The installation procedure is running on my PC while I’m writing this post. To answer the question that probably a lot of german players have: Yes, it is possible to switch to the english language pack. After installation, go to your Steam library, right click on “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” and select “Properties”. Select the “Language” tab and change to your preferred language. This will put another 850MB on your download queue.

I hope it feels like Deus Ex 1. What I’ve read in reviews so far seems promising…


That spring mounting point will get no points from me

Working on a BMW E28 on a parking deckImprovised workshop (at least kind of)

Having a car that isn’t able to drive kind of defeats the point of having a car. As some may know, I drive and maintain a 1985 BMW E28 525e. Overall, it is really reliable, but like every car, it has wear parts that will break at some point. In this current case, it was the bearings and sealings of the water pump that wear out. Yesterday, I finally had the time to fix that. Since the defect happened while driving back from home to my dormitory, I had to repair the car on the parking deck of the dormitory. The good point of this old car is that you can do most repairs without the need of special tools. Unfortunately, “most repairs” didn’t include the water pump…

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Status Update

We interrupt our irregularly scheduled broadcast to bring you absolutely nothing of value!

I’m still here and alive. My workload in the past few weeks was kind of crazy. I’ve not abandoned MRT, but after 8-10 hours of working each day I don’t really have the concentration for working on MRT in the nights. But thankfully there were no new bugs found, so I guess the current state of MRT isn’t that bad. If any important issues will show up, I’ll fix stuff asap. Anything else will have to wait until I’ve a bit more spare time than now.

In other news:
Comming soon(TM): Totally WoW unrelated blog posts about internet spaceships.