4 thoughts on “Mizus RaidTracker v0.32.3 released”

  1. Please add this to your MizusRaidTracker_Constants.lua:

    — Black Prince quest items

    [87208] = true, — Sigil of Power
    [87209] = true, — Sigil of Wisdom

  2. hello,

    Love the addon btw. So i have a bit of a problem. For some reason Mizus is double tracking items passed in raid. I’m not sure if its possible that epgplootmaster or epgp(reloaded) is causing this issue or not but every day raid i have to go in and delete duplicate entries. The duplicate entries show as 0 gp points compared to the other with a number associated with it. Please a little guidance would be greatly appreciated

  3. Hi there, will there be a 5.2 Update including all Bosses and Zones of 5.2 including the 2 Worldbosses?


  4. @Treskavka
    Update is out, but world bosses are still kind of unsupported. Will work on that.

    I haven’t got any time to look into the issue regarding other EPGP-addons. You may just want to disable item tracking in MRT and let those other addons register loot. I’ve read somewhere that one does just that.

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