Mizus RaidTracker v0.70.5 and Memoria 7.0 released

MRT updates for Legion raids. It shouldn’t throw any UI errors anymore and kill detection for the Emerald Nightmare should/might work. As always, please check curse.com for the most up to date download.

Memoria got its usual version bump. No changes there.

MRT v0.70.5 – Changelog:

  • Added boss kill detection for the Emerald Nightmare raid (untested)
  • Added an option to disable tracking of Warlords of Draenor raids
  • Added an option to disable tracking of Pandaria raids
  • Updated EPGP calculation for Legion

MRT v0.70.4 – Changelog:

  • Added Demon Hunter support for MLDKP export

MRT v0.70.3 – Changelog:

  • Fixed a way to long existing bug regarding Blizzard UI taint. No more blocked UI interaction errors.

MRT v0.70.2 – Changelog:

  • Updated libraries

MRT v0.70.1 – Changelog:

  • Fixed missing icons in raid browser UI

MRT v0.70.0 – Changelog:

  • Initial Legion release

On a side note: I’ve spent around 23 hours in Deus Ex Mankind Devided and so far, it is a good Deus Ex game – despite Square Enixes tries to fill it up with micro transactions. So, if you liked Human Revolution, you’ll probably like and enjoy Mankind Devided.

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