Mizus RaidTracker v0.80.6 and Memoria 8.0-3 released

Hey, over a year without an update to this site. Oops. Addon updates happened throughout the year, though. So, as always, please check curseforge.com for the most up to date download (links are in the navbar to the left). Anyway, here are the changes to both addons since the last post on this site.

Memoria v8.0-3 – Changelog:

  • Updated option description for bosskill screenshots to better reflect the meaning of the settings

Memoria v8.0-2 – Changelog:

  • Added option to only create a boss kill screenshot after a first kill
  • Fixed small check button click issue in the options panel
  • Changed screenshot timer offset for end of mythic+ dungeons

Memoria v8.0-1 – Changelog:

  • Added support for taking a screenshot after a boss kill
  • Updated koKR translation (thanks to maknae)

Memoria v8.0 – Changelog:

  • TOC bump for WoW 8.0

Memoria v7.3 – Changelog:

  • TOC bump for WoW 7.3

MRT v0.80.6 – Changelog:

  • Added tracking support for classic and BC raid instances
  • Updated localization files, changed translation management back to CurseForge localization system
  • Added ptBR translation (thanks to boux2)

MRT v0.80.5 – Changelog:

  • Fixed LUA errors created by clicking check boxes in the option panels

MRT v0.80.4 – Changelog:

  • Reset option for tracking of personal loot mode to true (only loot mode available now)

MRT v0.80.3 – Changelog:

  • Added Sanguicell to item ignore list

MRT v0.80.2 – Changelog:

  • Added boss detection for Uldir

MRT v0.80.1 – Changelog:

  • Fixed various LUA errors when option “Use server time” is enabled
  • Migrated MoP, Cataclysm and WotLK boss detection to encounter IDs
  • Removed master looter tracking functionality (master looter got removed from the game)
  • Removed now unused boss rename list
  • Removed now unused entries in the boss reverse ID list
  • Removed usage of PARTY_CONVERTED_TO_RAID event

MRT v0.80.0 – Changelog:

  • Converted file from ANSI to UTF-8 (because that somehow got lost)
  • Added test for tracking loot using master looter menu
  • Added support for item tracking using loot master information
  • TOC bump for WoW 8.0

MRT v0.73.3 – Changelog:

  • Replaced mapIDs with instanceIDs and added a translation table
  • Changed instance detection from GetCurrentMapAreaID to GetInstanceInfo IDs
  • Added Rune of Passage and Sigil of the Dark Titan to the ignore list

MRT v0.73.2 – Changelog:

  • Revert LibDialog PlaySound workaround (fixed upstream)
  • Added Antorus instance and boss IDs

MRT v0.73.1 – Changelog:

  • Added workaround for PlaySound API call by LibDialog (revert when LibDialog is updated)
  • Updated PlaySound API calls for 7.3

MRT v0.73.0 – Changelog:

  • TOC bump for WoW 7.3

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