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Mizus RaidTracker v0.15-Beta released

Mizus RaidTracker Version 0.15 beta is now available for download. Check the MRT page for the download link.

0.15 Changelog:


  • Added two new export formats: plain text and BBCode formatted text (choose your export format in the options panel)
  • Added new option panel for export options
  • CTRT-Export: Added option for automatically adding one item of poor item quality to each boss at data export. This should fix a bug in the EQDKP-CTRT-Import-Plugin boss detection. Boss detection fails, if no loot is connected to a boss event (i.e. attendance checks).
  • Added settings for text export
  • Added function to make a snapshot of the current raid composition
  • Added slash command for taking a snapshot (/mrt snapshot)
  • Added GUI button for taking a snapshot


  • Changed slash command handler to work with uppercase and mixed upper-/lowercase commands
  • Changed DataExportFrame to support multiline export data
  • CTRT-Export: Optimized the length of the export string

Bug Fixes:

  • Some manually added boss events were saved with wrong difficulty
  • Fixed export-error, which happened if extended information in playerDB is missing

You may ask what happened to v0.13 and v0.14. Well, v0.13 was left out and v0.14 contains only changes for making this addon compatible with My goal is to get this addon on

Creating EditBoxes in option panels

I stumbled across a few issues while creating a new option panel, so this might be an interesting sidenote for other addon authors:
If you want to implement an EditBox-Widget in an option panel, you must disable the autoFocus for this EditBox. Otherwise, it would catch all inputs from the keyboard after login and you won’t be able to do anything. There are two ways to do that:

  • XML: When creating the EditBox, set the attribute to false
    <EditBox (...) autoFocus="false">
  • LUA:

If you fill in text via ‘EditBox:SetText(<string>)’ you will also need to set the cursor position to zero in order to actually see the text you filled in. To do this, use: ‘EditBox:SetCursorPosition(0)’.

Mizus RaidTracker v0.9 beta released

Mizus RaidTracker Version 0.9 beta is now available for download. Check the MRT page for the download link.

0.9 Changelog:


  • Added BossID of Halion (Ruby Sanctum)
  • Added item icons and tooltips to loot list
  • Added support for TAB and ESC in raidlog dialogs
  • Added option to enable/disable tracking of offline players (as boss attendees)
  • Added option to enable/disable tracking of only first 2/5 groups in 10/25 player raids (as boss attendees)
  • Updated deDE localization

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed raid export for raids without boss kill event
  • fixed a bug, where the guild data may be crawled incorrectly
  • fixed ‘/mrt o’ and ‘/mrt options’ slash commands

Preview: Mizus RaidTracker for WoW

After maintaining my own fork of the CT RaidTracker for a while, i’m currently creating my own raidtracker. My guild is running a variant of a zero-sum dkp-system where people on standby will get full dkp for being online. As i started with dkp tracking, i used NRT and CT RaidTracker. While NRT provides a nice solution to track raid attendance, it lacked proper DKP-tracking and proper boss detection (especially ‘event bosses’ like Gunship Battle, Dreamwalker, Faction Champions). CTRT provides a good loot tracking, but no raid attendance options. I hacked the last part in there, but maintaining it was a pain, so I started my own raidtracker project.

So, the first alpha of Mizus RaidTracker (no – name creativity was not present) was born. It took longer as expected to get things to work, but considering that this is my first WoW-Addon and i had less spare time than expected, it should be ok. A first beta version should be finished next month. The key features of the first version will be: Continue reading Preview: Mizus RaidTracker for WoW