MRT and Firelands: Issue with tracking of Ragnaros on Normalmode

I received a bug report that MRT doesn’t track the death of Ragnaros (the one in the Firelands) on normal mode. I’m still in the process of getting the details, but it might be a possibility that WoW doesn’t provide a “UNIT_DIED”-Event when he vanishes at 10% ( might be a possibility because of :blizzard: ). If that is the case, I’ll have to switch to a boss yell detection for Ragnaros. The die yell is supposed to be the following line (thanks to Stanzilla for providing it):

Too soon! … You have come too soon…

If anyone could provide a version of one of the other WoW client languages, it would be greatly appreciated. A written text version in addition to a screenshot would be optimal, since punctuation is important. I hope I can hammer the problem out in this raid ID, but that would required that my current guild will get a kill try this week. Don’t know yet if this is gonna happen. If not, then there will be drycoded and untested update at the beginning of the next raid ID.

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